225 Hay St, Fayetteville, NC 28301


The CAMEO Art House Theatre building was home to one of Fayetteville's first motion picture theatres: the New Dixie. Veteran moving picture man S.A. Lambert first bought out the original Dixie in 1908. He moved across the street to the Southside of Hay Street in 1914 and called it the New Dixie. At its opening Mr. Lambert screened 36 moving pictures a week and the New Dixie boasted having 336 fine opera chairs, ten electrical wall lights, and with the exception of a theatre in Highpoint the only mirror screen in North Carolina. Originally a scored stucco building with a large archway facing Hay Street it was given its current brick facade when the adjoining alley was enclosed to make room for Brady's Newsstand. The popularity of the New Dixie lead to the construction of the Broadway and Miracle Theaters which replaced the New Dixie as the state-of-the-art motion pictures houses in Fayetteville. The present CAMEO Theatre Building then hosted many local businesses, most notably Dixie Billiards and Eddie's Music.